Successful Day for MacG Racing at Silverstone

RaceStream had our first public test of the latest prototype camera for 2018. Despite some technical issues earlier in the day, the camera streamed HD footage from the MacG Racing Taranis for the majority of the wet 2 hour endurance race at the end of the day. Check out highlights from the recorded footage on MacG Racing’s YouTube Channel coming online over the next few days.

We have been testing a number of new functions throughout the day including ultra low latency, simultaneous streaming and recording, as well as doing some finer technical tuning. Although, not all of the tests went as planned, we have learnt a lot already today and will know even more once we have reviewed the logs in the coming few days.

MacG Racing had a very successful day coming 3rd overall in the 50 minute sprint race and 2nd overall in the 2 hour endurance race despite a very wet track and a last minute spin which resulted in the loss of the front clam and limited front downforce for the final few laps.

We at RaceStream would like to congratulate Jonny MacGregor on receiving the Sunoco Driver of the Day award and say we are very grateful for this opportunity to test our latest prototype and we plan to be back soon with more updates for the next event.