About RaceStream

RaceStream is a live video-streaming camera system for motor racing events and enables engineers and fans to see the drivers view as the race happens. It allows teams to give instantaneous coaching to drivers and event organisers to bring fans closer to the action.

This accelerates the learning curve for novice racing drivers, improving safety on track and potentially increasing revenue for racing teams, while simultaneously reducing the workload compared to reviewing recorded footage. With video streaming, driver coaches and race engineers can provide feedback instantaneously and mark important clips to review with the driver between sessions without spending hours in the evening reviewing video footage.

RaceStream integrates easily with well-known social media sites allowing a racing team or event organiser to promote their team or event online.

We are currently working with MacG Racing to test and develop the latest prototype unit, and are looking for other teams, event organisers and drivers for beta testing. To find out more, please get in touch or sign up to our mailing list.